From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/26/1862, p. 1, c. 3

City Council. – A called meeting of this body was held Monday at the City Hall.

...Interments in the Shockoe Hill Cemetery.—From a report of interments in Shockoe Hill Burying-ground for the quarter ending Oct. 31, 1862, it appears that there were buried during that time 291 white males; 82 white females; 11 still-born. Total 384. Of negroes, during the same time there were interred 102 males, 79 females, and 8 still born. Total 189.

... A communication was made to the Council by Thomas T. Giles, enclosing one from Henry Exall, notifying him that 100 benches belonging to the city were in the basement of the Mechanics' Hall, and that they would sell for more than they cost. Mr. Giles states that the benches, or settees, "are very much in the way," and suggests that they be stowed elsewhere, or directed to be sold, in accordance with the recommendation of Mr. Exall.

[remainder of minutes were not transcribed]

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