From the Richmond Whig, 1/2/1864, p. 2, c. 2

THE PRESIDENTIAL RECEPTION. - From 12 until 3 o'clock yesterday, the streets leading to the Executive Mansion were thronged with ladies and gentlemen - officers and civilians - who were going to or returning from the annual reception of the public by the President of the Confederate States. During the whole time, but, especially between 12 and 1 o'clock, the hall and parlors of the President's House were crowded to overflowing with persons seeking an opportunity to pay their respects to our Chief Magistrate and his estimable consort. They were admitted as rapidly as practicable into the west parlor, and severally introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Davis by Colonel Ives and Colonel Brown, of the President's staff. After a salutation and a shake of the hand, the visitors passed on, through the centre parlor, and thence into the hall again. Many of them took occasion to express their most cordial wishes for the welfare and happiness of the President and his wife - all such expression eliciting reciprocal responses. - the reception was conducted in the approved Republican style, and passed off in a manner satisfactory to all.

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