From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/18/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Died of His Wound - Inquest. – John J. Andrews, who was shot in the left arm by John J. Andrews, who was shot in the left arm by Jesse White, early last Sunday morning, opposite the Spotswood Hotel, died about two o’clock on Thursday morning, at the Bellevue Hospital, whither he had been conveyed for medical treatment, having become delirious after receiving the wound. The fact of his death being communicated to Coroner Sanxay, he yesterday summoned a jury and held an inquest on the body of deceased. Dr. Conway, the attending physician of deceased, testified in substance, before the jury, that on examining him, shortly after the injury was inflicted, he found a gunshot wound in the left forearm and one of the bones fractured; also, a contusion about Andrew’s mouth, and one on the left side of his head, behind the left ear; the last he regarded as serious, though there was no fracture of the bone. There was no manifestation of compression of the brain, nor of severe concussion. Andrew’s manner, at the time he examined him, was very excited, as if he had been drinking hard. He had opium administered to him, and he remained under its influence until Wednesday, when he became delirious, and so remained till put under restraint. He was carried to Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday night. On Thursday he was comparatively quiet and perfectly rational at 1 o’clock, the last time the doctor saw him alive. Witness was of opinion that, giving to the physical condition of Andrews, he was in no plight to stand either blows or gunshot wounds. Andrews’s death, in his opinion, resulted from the gunshot wound and the blows received from White.

Wm J. Bevill testified in substance that he saw the parties last Sunday morning, at an early hour, standing on the corner of the street, near the Spotswood Hotel; saw White strike Andrews with something and he staggered back, but did not fall; White put his hand under his coat as if to draw a weapon but he did not see any weapon; heard Andrews ask White what he intended to do with “that thing,” or pistol, witness was not certain which; heard White reply that he was going to shoot him; directly the pistol fired off, and Andrews closed with White, and a scuffle ensued, when the men were separated. White then walked off, and it was found that Andrews was shot in the arm. As White walked off, Andrews called to him and asked him where he was going, and to come back. Neither of the parties appeared to be much in liquor.

The above were the only two witnesses examined.

The inquest on Andrews was held at the Medical College Hospital. The jury returned a verdict that John J Andrews came to his death by a gunshot wound inflicted by Jesse White, and by blows given by him on the body of the deceased, on Sunday, April 12th, about half past 7 o’clock A.M.

The preliminary examination of White will take place before the Mayor this morning. The deceased was from Louisiana, and lately a member of the Perritt Guards, 5th la. Regiment. White is a resident of this city.

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