From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/3/1864, p.1, c 6

Mayor’s Court. – The following is a list of the cases which were before the Mayor yesterday, none of which are worth more than a simple announcement:

Isaac, slave of Thomas Boudar, was charged with breaking into the smoke house of his owner and stealing a lot of chickens. Officer Jenkins, who arrested the fellow, testified that about three o’clock yesterday morning, while in the neighborhood of Mr. Boudar’s residence, he arrested Isaac with a basket of dead chickens on his arm, which were still warm, and learning that Mr.B. had been robbed of some a few hours before, he took him there, thinking he was the thief. Mr. B. recognized him immediately as one of the thieves who had been previously chased out of his yard. He was ordered to receive thirty-nine lashes.

Robert Pearman was sent on for examination before the Hustings Court on the charge of stealing a lot of pig iron, valued at $140, from J. R. Anderson & Co.

John Pug, a free negro, charged with stealing four shad from John Tucker, in the First Market, was ordered to be whipped, but subsequently took an appeal from his Honor’s decision and was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court. In the absence of Mr. Tucker from his cart, at the market yesterday, Pug took his stand beside it and commenced selling his shad without any authority to do so. When he had had sold four of them Mr. Tucker again returned to his cart, but before he reached it the fellow espied him coming and slipped off with the proceeds of his sales.

The following cases were continued in consequence of absent witnesses” Jim Harris and Charles Harris, free negroes; William, slave of Fanny Wingo, and William, slave of Louis Burton, charged with burglarously entering the house of Alexander R. Holladay in the night time and stealing six thousand dollar’s worth of flour, tobacco, candles, sugar, lard, &c; William, slave of the estate of Robert Walker, dec’d and Robert Delaney, a free negro, charged with stealing and receiving money and checks to the amount of $4,300 stolen from the mail car of the Danville railroad, at the depot in this city, on Saturday last.

John Baston was committed to jail for want of security to be of good behavior. – the charge against him was sleeping in the market places and being a suspicious character, the same offence for which he was up before the Mayor on Monday morning, but was permitted by his Honor to go free, with an admonition never to do so again. – the sequel has demonstrated how much he valued the moral lecture which was given him.

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