From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/4/1864, p.1, c 5

Mayor’s Court. – The Mayor’s docket yesterday was a short one and soon gotten through with. The following is a list of the cases:

Francis Craven was charged with attempting to kill, by striking him with an iron bar, a negro man belonging to O. H. Chalkley, employed at the Danville railroad depot – Witnesses for the prosecution proved that the attack made upon the negro was because he refused to permit Craven to take away some chickens which belonged to him, while Captain Carter, of the night police, who made the arrest, stated that he told him the fellow had used some insulting language towards his wife. The statement of a prisoner not being considered legal testimony, Craven was sent on for indictment by the grand jury of the Hustings Court.

William Ferguson, a free negro, and Lewis, a slave, were charged with keeping ill-governed snack houses on 14th street, under the Exchange Hotel. Ferguson was notified to abate the nuisance by speedily closing the establishment, and Lewis, being a slave, acting in the capacity of superintendent for his hirer, was discharged, after being admonished to reform the character of the place over which he presides.

William and Robert Lane, slaves of Wm. Walker’s estate, charged with stealing $4,000 from the mail car of the Danville railroad, was sent to Manchester for examination, the offence having been committed beyond the limits of the city of Richmond.

Minor Lewis, owner unknown, charged with stealing a pair of pants from George, slave of J. R. Anderson, and Sally, slave of Miss Dandridge, charged with using vulgar and indecent language in the street, were ordered to be whipped.

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