From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/9/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Circuit Court. – The time of Judge Meredith’s Court yesterday, was consumed in the trial of sundry persons charged with engaging in a riot in the streets of Richmond on the 2d of April. Martha Burnett was fined $5 and costs by jury, and sent by the Judge to jail for thirty days. The same judgment was given in the case of Sarah Mitchell. Peter Blake was tried and acquitted. In the case of Ann Enroughty, the jury was adjourned over until to-day, not being able to agree. The Grand Jury assembled and indicted Julius Desplanque and Wm. Hammell for felony. Desplanque’s felony consisted in an effort to get out of the penitentiary, where he had been put for robbing a man in the city jail. Bennett G. Burley, James Marshall, Ann Enroughty, and Martha Marshall, were indicted for rioting. The indictments against Mildred Imory and Jennett Williams for riot were ignored.

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