From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/14/1863

AN IMPUDENT SCAMP. – Yesterday morning an impudent looking fellow, calling himself Lieut. W. L. Soles, of company K, 2nd Florida regiment, delivered a paper at Castle Thunder which appeared to be a special order from Gen. Winder for the release of Fleming Brazer, a deserter. As the document appeared to be genuine, the prisoner was delivered to him. Soon after it was discovered that the "special order" was not an au fait, and a further examination developed the fact that it was a forgery. The detectives were immediately set to work, and succeeded in re-arresting the deserter and capturing the pretended lieutenant. Soles has figured extensively, generally in the capacity of "blower," in sundry trials in the Confederate States Court – first, we learn, in the case of the forger, Napoleon.

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